Elevate your company’s leadership. Amplify your mission and impact.

Through a humanity-centered approach, we expertly guide your mission-driven organization through the hiring process, resulting in aligned placements in top leadership positions.





Soulless and Transactional Search Processes are Energy Drains

Typical high-volume executive search compromises the quality of the experience for both clients and candidates. Not to mention, there is rarely any room for curiosity, play, or meaningful growth.

We inject heart and soul into the search industry for mission-driven and innovative professional placement

We’re here to break the mold and get curious about what our clients really need. By placing highly-qualified leaders at conscious companies and organizations, we not only breathe life into your company and accelerate your mission, we are also helping to calibrate the vibration of the planet.


Our sticker chart is covered in gold stars

Through our intentional process, dedicated care, and tailored-to-you approach, we have an above-average, almost-perfect, offer acceptance rate.

True partnership and co-creation

Inclusive and equitable searches that challenge bias

Proactive and constant search

Quality over quantity, small and intentional on purpose

Playful and curious attitude towards changing the world


Innovative with a sprinkle of Nonconformist

We help save people from misaligned hires. We work with conscious companies and organizations that like to solve complex problems smartly, all while maintaining humanity and humor.


Inquiry & Discover

Uncover the heart and soul of your organization’s leadership, culture, and unique needs through thoughtful questions to craft a clear leader profile.


Agree & Co-Create

Review and align all information gathered to co-create an authentic and compelling Candidate Profile that is shared with the market.


Recruit & Attract

Receive recommendations of highly qualified and interested candidates who have gone through a targeted and inclusive recruiting approach. But not before we’ve had regular meeting updates that ensure transparency and alignment.


Evaluate & AssesS

Step into a thoughtfully curated and mutually compatible interview process for all parties involved. We work hard to bring awareness to bias as it arises throughout the interview phase.


Align & Close

Deliver the offer to candidates who are clear in their alignment and desire to be a part of amplifying the represented organization’s impact. Our clients’ organizational equity concerns are always taken into consideration.


Celebrate & Support

Toast to growth and success! We check in with both the client and the placed candidate at certain milestones to ensure things are going as we’d hoped. Then we’re here to help that placed leader build the rest of their team.


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