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Small Size, Big Impact.

As a small, consciously minded boutique search firm, we give clients and candidates the attention and care they deserve. We are your trusted advisor who guides you through a proven, professional matchmaking process to fill key leadership roles. Rather than transactional, we are high-touch and relationship-based, focusing on bringing the heart and humanity back into the search business.


We fill the gap in the search industry for innovative professional placement

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Kara Teising


With almost 20-years of experience, Kara Teising holds a depth of knowledge within the mission-driven search industry that merges smart and successful tactics with personality and exuberance. By breaking the mold and building the firm of her dreams, she has crafted a search process that not only produces impactful results but also elevates the industry and the world. With her fun and classy approach, she will deliver aligned hires that drive your mission forward, and then she will meet you on the dance floor. But not before an epic game of charades has ensued.


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